Faux Finish Painting

Faux Finish Painting

Faux painting includes a wide range of decorative painting techniques. Faux means “false” in French – as these techniques started as a form of replicating the look of materials such as marble and wood with paint. You can also do a wallpaper design in paint. We take this to another level by creating designs that are luminsent and/or textured. We have clients who stare at their walls for minutes at a time – one said he preferred looking at our walls to a Jackson Pollack. We thing that’s high praise and are just sorry Mr. Pollack wasn’t around to hear it.


One of our specialties is to create textured and/or luminescent walls, by layering the paint. Can you see it in the images below? It’s not the texture of the wall, you see. It’s an effect we create with light and paint.

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